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Once your form has been designed, you are ready to start collecting the data.

  1. Train the enumerators, so they fully understand questions and methodology
  2. Deploy the form you want to use for your data collection
  3. If enumerators are going offline – no problem, the forms will be uploaded to the system once they are connected again 
    1. If you are using Android phones/tablets
      1. Ensure all phones/tablets can access the survey by setting up the correct URL (Server URL set up)
      2. Ensure that all phones/tablets have the relevant form(s) downloaded from your account (Download forms from your account)
      3. Clean the phones/tablets so they can only access relevant surveys and settings by hiding buttons and options (Hiding buttons and options within KoBoCollect)
      4. Ensure all phones/tablets are fully charged - note that tablets usually take a long time to charge
    2. If you are using smartphones
      1. Upload the survey to all phones (preferably by bar code scanner)
      2. Ensure all phones can access the survey
      3. Ensure all phones are fully charged
    3. If you are using PCs
      1. Ensure all PCs can access the survey (even if internet is available, in case it stops working)
      2. Ensure all PCs are fully charged (in case of power failure)

Always print plenty of paper copies for backup (the preview functionality gives the best layout)!

When the data collection is done, it's time for the last step - analysing the data.